The Company's original heritage traces back to the year of 1875 when a group of 34 local settler and business men met and determined to form an insurance company. On March 31, 1875 applied for permission to form Mendota, Troy Grove & Clarion Farmers Insurance Company. Permission was granted by the State of Illinois and the first policy was issued May 1, 1875. January 1, 1987 the company name was changed to Mendota Mutual Insurance Company.

In 2003 Independent Farmers Mutual Insurance Company merged with Mendota Mutual Insurance Company. Mendota Mutual Insurance Company is owned by its policyholders and the board of directors is comprised of policyholders. We provide coverage in 24 counties in Illinois.

Our Motto: For Protection, Not Profit


Daryl Sondgeroth, President
Jack Robison, Vice-President
Kent Butterfield, 2nd Vice-President
John Elston
Kirk Ross
Lorraine Loomis
Efrain Correa
Deb Geuther, Sec./Treas./Manager


Mendota Mutual Insurance Company Staff:
Brianna, Administrative Assistant, Deb, Manager, Brenda, Part-time Assistant


Mendota Mutual Insurance Company makes donation of DSPA to Mendota Fire Department.

Assistant Fire Chief Ege accepts Fire Department of the Year award from IAMIC Chairman, Mike Beard.

President Butterfield receives 140 years plaque from Jackie, Executive Director of IAMIC.